How Irish are you?

March 19, 2010 at 8:51 pm Leave a comment

Good thing you don’t have to be Irish to get a t-shirt.

I’m running this St. Patrick’s Day 5K on Saturday.

This is kinda big for a couple reasons.

1. This was the race I signed up for before I agreed to the half marathon. So this was initially going to be my goal.

2. I’m running it with two of my coworkers who have been great soldiers through the last couple months with training. We’re going to take pics on Saturday and I’ll post them here.

3. This race means my half marathon is six weeks away. So no matter how breezy these 3 miles may be, I have to remember that I will need to run 13 miles in just a few short weeks. (So I guess I really shouldn’t blow off tonight’s workout, huh. Kinda puts it all in perspective. Sigh.)

Plus, I get a tech shirt for free.  A tech shirt is one made of a special fabric that’s designed to wick away sweat and moisture, so you stay drier (and chafe free!) when running. They can be quite expensive, so to get one for free is a major bonus.

They ran out of my size when I went to pick up my number this afternoon, but they said they may have another shipment before the race. Sure hope so. If not, they said they’ll mail it to me. I wanted a shirt to wear after the race, so I bought one of last year’s shirts for $5. I almost didn’t because I thought I was going to get BOTH for free since I registered early. But whatever. I wanted a shirt. And what’s $5?

Anyway, I’m went and got some new running shoes tonight — if I want to break them in before my half marathon, I needed to get them soon — and pick up a couple of things for Saturday’s race. And today, Maria gave me a pair of running socks as a thank you for encouraging her training! How sweet was that? And it was soooo on time because all my running socks are dirty and I was going to buy some anyway.

I also need to dig my fanny pack out of my closet so I can carry my camera on Saturday. Don’t judge me.

(I decided to not run Friday night because I needed to run these errands. Instead, I’m planning on doing some yoga tonight to stretch myself out before the run.)

I’m excited! This is going to be fun!


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