Day 44 – I may regret saying this, but…

March 18, 2010 at 10:38 pm 1 comment

Day: 44
Miles: 6.43 miles
Time: Roughly 75-80 minutes (I left my watch at home by accident)
Feeling: Kinda sorta maybe just a little bit like a runner

I crossed over the James Turner Reservoir and looked out over the water.

Mile three was beneath my feet. I stopped, stretched and looked.

The road was quiet for a moment — even though it was a fairly major street. The sky was orange, and reflected over the water, which came right up to a bank of trees along the bank. The wind was just barely moving the water.

It was gorgeous.

And I’d never have seen it if I hadn’t been running.

Today was the first time I actually thought to myself  “Wow, I’m lucky to be a runner.”

This was my long run. And the first half of it was not easy at all. That pain came back to my shins, so I walked for about a half mile, and then ran when the pain stopped.

I took the time to look around as I passed through Rumford — the next neighborhood over from mine. I passed by an old creek, a graveyard, and tons of adorable houses.

I stopped at Pawtucket Avenue to wait for the light to change. Across the road, another runner waited to do the same. We met in the middle and exchanged smiles. Like we were part of some cool secret club and our sneakers — regardless of how many miles they contained — were the currency.

Then I made it to the Massachusetts line and the James Turner Reservoir.

(I promise I’ll take a picture next time I run it, hopefully at dusk like I did this time.)

So I’ll admit this:  the list of things I like about running is getting longer. I’m no longer ready to collapse as soon as I make it back in my house from my runs. My body feels stronger and more efficient and I feel like I’m setting myself up to keep up a healthier lifestyle long after the half marathon is in my rear view mirror.

For the record: I am not a fan of the toe cramps I got during the run, however, that continued even after I sat in a tub of cold water.

But I guess I can learn to get over that.

This is the route I ran:

03/17/2010 Route
Find more Runs in East Providence, Rhode Island


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  • 1. Charreah J.  |  March 19, 2010 at 10:23 am

    This is so AWESOME. As a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor, I am grateful for people like you!!!


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