Day 35 — Today was a good day (cue the g-funk)

March 9, 2010 at 11:03 am Leave a comment

Day: 35
Miles: 4 ish
Time: 48 minutes, 20 seconds
Feeling: Like I could go longer if it wasn’t so dark

I can’t explain it.

After work last night, I decided to run, even though it was getting dark. I set off to run outside after that unpleasant showing on the bike path.

Instead of doing my normal 5k route along the water, I opted to stay on the main street near my house because it was better lit and, I figured, safer.  I made up in my mind to run for an hour. So I ran for 30 minutes or so, and then turned around and went back to my house.

It took me a lot less time to get home, apparently, than I thought it would.

I stopped a few times during the run, mostly for lights, a few times just to catch my breath, but not for any substantial length of time. It was cool, too, because I live near the route we take during our long runs with the Team In Training group, so I felt like I was running with them in a sense. I figured I ran about 3 miles total. And I would have gone further, but I got to Greenwood Avenue and I’ve never gone past that area. I didn’t want to give it a shot in the pitch black of night.

Then when I got home, I wasn’t really even tired. A little out of breath, but nothing too serious. I really considered going back out and running a little more. And the running actually felt pretty good. So that was an amazing feeling. I’ve got to do better about not stopping at all, especially since I’m running a 5k next week. But yesterday’s run was a good one.


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