Days 10 & 11

February 10, 2010 at 9:29 pm Leave a comment

Day: 10
Miles: 2
Time: 28:35 minutes
Feeling: Energized

First things first, I need to make a playlist for my runs. Under no circumstances should I hear a Biggie interlude three times in three days. He’s really only got like 36 songs. No reason for you to have that many repeats, shuffle! (Shoutout to JB) Anyway, this run was pretty uneventful. My legs did start to hurt a little toward the end of the second mile, so I think that the next time I work out (which will be THURSDAY, promise!) I’m going to do some elliptical work and check out the leg machines.

I also noticed that I need to work on my core. I found that the miles were harder when I slumped and when I made a conscious effort to think about standing up straight (I slump all the time) it was easier. That mental trick also worked when my legs got tired, I’d imagine my legs hitting the ground strong and solid. And I kept plugging.

They do say running is mental.

Day: 11
Miles: 0
Time: N/A
Feeling: Snowed In

Okay, maybe I’m not snowed in. But given reports of snowmagedon, you’d think otherwise.

I didn’t wake up in time to get a run in before I had to go to work (surprise, surprise) and it was crazy at work today. I was liveblogging coverage of the storm in Providence and I didn’t have time to work out. I had good intentions: brought my workout bag inside so I’d have no excuse not to run if the snow got too bad.

But by the time I got off from work, I was starving. A likely story, you say? Yeah, how about this — I had a ham and cheese bagel, two pieces of pizza (veggie and pepperoni) to eat today. I didn’t think I would be hungry. But I was famished. And although the snow was non-existent for my shift, as I peered out the windows, it really did start to look like snowmageddon.

So I went home and ate.

Public flogging (by the way of comments) is allowed for my failure. I’ll set my clock to get up early tomorrow and run at work.

There’s no excuse for me to not get up  — they have all night to clear the roads.


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