Day 3 — Rest

February 2, 2010 at 4:08 pm Leave a comment

Day: 3
Miles: 0
Time: N/A
Feeling: A cold coming on. A little achy.

Man did I need this.

Today is a day off in our running schedule. And I feel halfway bad.

Beyond that tightness returning to my legs (though I found frequent stretching helps it, at least temporarily), my throat is scratchy and I think I’m coming down with something from running outside in 17 degree weather.

I’m going to take it easy after I get off from work. Maybe take  a bath in some Epsom salt to ease my weary muscles. I’m also planning on doing some yoga tonight with the hope that will soothe my legs.

I shot an e-mail over to my coach this morning about the discomfort I’m experiencing and asked if he had any suggestions on what I should do. When he responds back, I’ll post the answer, in case it would be helpful to you.***

Tomorrow evening is our fundraiser clinic at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society office. And I’m supposed to run 2 miles at a “moderate pace” tomorrow. Looks like someone has to get their run in early.

Aside, I’m always curious about people who run at lunchtime. I know after last night’s run, I was in need of a shower badly. How do you cope if you exercise on your lunch break? Do you take a shower? Or just throw on some deodorant to take a wet wipe shower?


Coach e-mailed me back. Said the pain is normal for someone starting a new running program. Here’s what he suggested?

  • lower my mileage (1 mile) until my muscles adapt to the new work load that I am demanding from them
  • Go a little slower on my runs — stay at a conversational pace the entire run
  • Take ibuprofen during the days following my initial runs
  • Light stretching is okay — but keep it in moderation.

Those are the coach’s orders. I’ll let you guys know how I do tomorrow. Tonight? It’s time for a espom salt bath.


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