Day 2 — No Excuses

February 2, 2010 at 4:46 am Leave a comment

Day: 2
Miles: 2
Time: 27:53 minutes
Feeling: Stronger. A little tender, but less so.

Gotta give Kanye props for this one.

I was not looking forward to running my two miles after work tonight. My legs were still tight from Sunday’s run and it was uncomfortable to just walk to the printer.

But I knew I had to stay on track with my training or else I’d be really embarrassed during our weekly run next Sunday. So downstairs to the company gym I went.

Things started off slowly. I stretched well (thanks for the tip, Rekha!) and began my workout with a brisk walk. After .04 of a mile, I’d gotten enough confidence to speed things up.

I knocked my speed up to 4.3 on the treadmill and fell into my stride.

After a while, my eyes kept darting to the display, even though I tried to focus on the darkened television in front  of me. Seconds ticked by. The distance counter seemed to stay still.

The clock was mocking me.  And I’m sensitive.

I started to get discouraged and considered slowing down to a fast walk. My legs were hurt, after all, and I’d given a good effort so far and no one would know if I…

N-n-n-now that that don’t kill me/can only make me stronger

Kanye? Are you talking to me?

I need you to hurry up now/’cause I can’t wait much longer


work it harder/make it better/do it faster/makes us stronger

I clicked the Genius button on my iPod and kept running.

"The Great Motivator"

And running.

And running.

And running.

I didn’t stop until I reached 2 miles.

Full disclosure: I thought about stopping. Hard. But a few things kept me running.

First, I knew that Sunday I’d feel horrible if I didn’t perform better than last time. Then, I thought about how I’d be letting myteam down — because if I can’t push through 2 miles, how am I going to bang out 13.1? Last, great music. Who knew “Go DJ” was such a good running song?

I kept going by slowing down to a jog at times to catch my breath and then speeding up when I heard a good song was prepared to go on. Once I finished, I smiled at my victory. I ran two miles straight! Then came a scary thought:

This means there’s no excuse for not doing it next time, huh? Crap.


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