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Finish Line

The Providence Journal/John Freidah

I told you I’d see you at the finish line.

Shout out to one of the great photographers at the Journal, John Freidah, who spotted me out at the finish line and made that picture of me. I will forever love him for that! I love that picture!

ANNND….I found my race results!

Here’s my stat line:

Place Div/Tot  Div      Name                 Age Sex No.  City            St Net Time  Pace  Gun Time
2170 904/985  HM-F3039 TALIA BUFORD          26 F   1753 EAST PROVIDENCE RI 2:47:30.5 12:48 2:52:18.9

Big shout out to Amanda for showing me exactly where my results were. I kept clicking the link and it took me to the 2009 results — so obviously I wouldn’t find them. And I did better than I thought I did!!

More pictures to come later.

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I’m a half-marathon FINISHER!!

I’m freshly showered and stretched. Picture uploads will come later, but first, this:

Gun time: 2 hours, 51 minutes

My watch: 2 hours, 45 minutes

Thank you to everyone who donated — our team raised a total of $57, 000 and I raised  $2,135 from wonderful people like you!

Thank you so much to everyone who encouraged me during my training. And special thanks to Russatta and Adrienna who came up from NYC to cheer me on. Your support and encouragement meant the world to me!

May 2, 2010 at 12:58 pm 1 comment

Race begins at 8 a.m.

See you guys at the finish line

“…We have to make sure that we follow through because it is a process. It’s like running a marathon. You’re not done until you cross the finish line. So we have a finish line and we have to cross it.”

— Ray Allen, NBA player

May 2, 2010 at 6:00 am 1 comment

Two Days to Go: Warm Weather Racing Tips

Days till race: 2
Miles: 3 miles (After work.)
Feeling: Good

I’m passing along some warm weather racing tips from the Providence  Ronald McDonald House running club.  My co-worker, a  fellow runner, passed them along. She recently ran a marathon in Paris and has been a huge supporter of my half marathon. So here are some tips, courtesy of Amanda, for all you runners out there:

Rule #1 in racing is that you only get about 2-3 races in a lifetime where all conditions are perfect. The key to competing well, whether it is to complete you first long race or to set a new course record, is to account for all the conditions in your race plan. Since Sunday’s weather forecast of 70-80 degrees is less than perfect, here are a few tips for racing well in the heat:

1.     Water, water and more water: It is going to start to warm up Friday, so start drinking lots of water NOW. If you fill a one or two liter bottle of water in the morning and keep drinking small amounts from it, then you’ll know how much you drank over the course of the day.

2.     Don’t go to the beach, do lawn work, or anything else out in the sun on the day before the race.  This will just leave you dehydrated before you even start on race day.

3.     Stick with light, easy to digest foods leading up to the race. Salty and/or fatty foods are going to take more water to digest.

4.     Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea—these are all diuretics and will just draw water out of your system and make you have to pee more.

5.     Wear lightweight, wicking fabrics—our new club uniforms are perfect!

6.     Wear a hat and sports sunglasses, if it is a bright day. Soak the hat with water before the start of the race (unless it’s too cold for this).

7.     Use lots of lubricant on any areas that MIGHT chafe or blister. The Glide Stick, Vaseline, bag balm are all helpful. If an area might chafe or blister in training, it WILL chafe/blister in a long run on a hot day.

8.     Stay in cool shade for as long as you can before the race. Do NOT hang around out in the sun until you absolutely have to be at the race start.

9.     If it is above 60-65 degrees, you might want to douse your head, neck and back with water before the gun goes off. Here’s the reason: your body cools when the sweat evaporates from your skin. But it takes several minutes into the race to really get a good sweat going. If you douse yourself with water before the start, it acts as artificial sweat cooling your body immediately.

10.  Take water early and often during the race. It takes 20-30 minutes for water to get from mouth to muscles, so don’t wait until you start to get thirsty.

11.  Grab two cups at each water stop—first one to drink from; second one to pour over your head and back. In a big race, most water stops are long enough so that you can grab one cup, drink, then grab the second cup and pour.

12.  RACE CONSERVATIVELY!!! In hot weather conditions, the smart runner wins. Start out a little slower and build into the race—you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many people you’ll pass later in the race.

13.  Account for the heat in your race splits. Don’t get discouraged if they are slower than what you had hoped for—you have to make adjustments.

14.  At the finish line, get wet and drink more water—after a hard race in warm weather, you will need to keep drinking lots of water to help your body rehydrate and recover.

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Three Days to Go

Days till race: 3
Miles: 0-3 miles (I’m considering how much I want to run today.)
Feeling: Pretty good

A few quick updates:

Donations keep rolling in! We’ve now raised $2,090 for leukemia and lymphoma research. You can still donate by clicking here! We take all donations — no matter how small!

I’ve been doing a bunch of yoga poses and I feel a lot better. After my run on Tuesday, I went home and iced my hips, even though one of my friends said doing that made me sound like a Golden Girl. Whatever. I’m glad I did. My hips felt better on Wednesday and today, they feel almost normal.  If I run again tonight, I’ll likely ice again as well. It works!

Pam gave me a shoutout on the ProJo fitness blog. Super thankful for the continual encouragement, chica! And wow — there are more than 5,000 people who will be running alongside me on Sunday. Looks like I’ll have plenty of people to talk to!

I’m considering loading up my ipod shuffle and carrying it with me just in case I need a musical boost around mile 7 or something. Any good songs you think I should include? This Drake song, oddly enough, has been getting me amped lately.

I figure if I’m getting discouraged during the run, I can put that on and just scream out — “It doesn’t matter if I’m slow or my lungs burn, I’M DOING ME!”

That’d be super corny. But I might do it.

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5 Days to go: ‘Already a Winner’

Days till race: 5
Miles: 4 miles (will complete when I get off from work)
Feeling: Turning anxiety into optimism

So word is spreading that this little race o’ mine is rapidly approaching. My wonderful coworkers who have been supportive since Day 1 have been checking in on me and my progress.  The question I overwhelmingly get?

“Are you ready?”

For the last few weeks, I’ve winced and given my stock, self-depreciating answer: “I’ll finish. It won’t be pretty, but I’ll finish.”

That’s definitely not the way to look at this.

Mostly because the answer makes me feel more and more anxious each time I say it, each time I think about the race, each time I even consider my sanity for embarking on this journey.

I love that when I said it to Pam, she immediately corrected me.

“You’re already a winner,” she said. Then pointed out that I’d raised a ton of money (with the help of generous folks like you) for a great cause. And I’ve come really far since I began this journey.

I thanked her and initially downplayed the encouragement. But you know what, she’s right.

And with at least one 13-mile practice run under my belt, I know that physically, I can do this. The rest of this is all mental.

So here are a list of things that I’m thankful for/happy about/proud of:

  • I’ve raised $2, 030 for leukemia and lymphoma research
  • The half marathon Team in Training runners/walkers have raised more than $56,000 (I don’t have the exact figure) for blood cancer research
  • That money goes to support people dealing with really horrible diseases and to help find a cure
  • The LLS and TnT staff have been super supportive, helpful and great through this whole process (hi, guys!)
  • I’ve had some great workout partners and tons of encouragement from people all across the country
  • I’ve made some new friends thanks to my training
  • I can walk up multiple flights of stairs without being winded
  • My legs, core and even my arms feel stronger than they ever have
  • I’ve gotten into the habit of exercising, so it will be easier to keep up with once the race is finished
  • I’m motivated to continue working out to stay as healthy as possible
  • Finishing this race will be a major accomplishment
  • I’ll have friends and family cheering me on!

From here on out, only positive thinking. I’m going to have a great race day on Sunday.

I’m already a winner.

April 27, 2010 at 4:39 pm 1 comment

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